Geologic Section of Yiziling (Yanghualing)

  Mt.Yiziling is located to the west of Yangjia Village, representing the western part of tuff ring of Yiziling Maar. With elevation of 80-84m, it has half circular shape. Viewed from distant, it look like Chinese character‘一’, hence the name. Yiziling Maar(also called Yanghua Maar) is a low-flat crater with diameter 1.5km that centered on Yanghua (Yanghua Village). The western part of tuff ring of the maar is exposed along the highway.

  Yiziling Maar erupted in Late Oligocene,i.e.40~100 thousand years ago.

  When rising magma comes in contact with abundant cold ground water, it

  causes violent explosive eruption(called Phreatomagmatic Eruption) to form a low-flat crater(Figure).

  This section typifies the surge tuff resulting from phreatomagmatic eruption. The rocks are finely layered or laminated, showing ‘horizontal lamination’ and ‘cross-bedding’ in terms of geology. They are not sedimentary sand stone or silt stone, but the surge tuff, which consist of finely layered volcanic ash, coarser volcanic scoria and tephra of black basaltic pumice resulting from explosion caused by interaction of rising magma with ground water.

  Tuffs are overlapped layer by layer, which evidences the phreatomagmatic eruption, like a book telling about the history of volcanic eruption.

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