Shuangchiling low—flat crater Geology

  Mt. Shuangchiling consists of two adjacent low—flat craters, which were filled with water, hence the name“Shuangchi(two ponds)”. Shuangchiling crater(the west crater)is 15m deep,with interior diameter 300m,slope of crater ring 15~180 and elevation 105m for the topmost site.standing here one can see clearly two connected low—flat craters, look into the distant view of Ma’anling volcanic cone southwestward, and ji’anling volcanic cone northwestward.

  There are two types of volcano in the volcanic cluster of Haikou: one is the volcanic cone that resulted from magmatic eruption, such as Ma’anling volcanic cone; other is the low-flat crater, i.e. Maar, which resulted from phreatomagmatic explosive eruption, such as Shuangchiling Maar.

  When rising up incandescent magma came in contact with cold ground water, an explosive eruption occurred to form a low—flat crater, called Maar.“Maar’ is the name of a locality of Germany, where are spread such kind volcanoes, and geologists call the low—flat crater‘Maar’. the forming process is shown as in the figure.

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