New tourism projects

  For the constructions of Hainan International Tourism Island, the Geopark increase capital investment to build a lot of new attractions, improve service facilities and increase services items to enrich the culture and connotation of the scenic spots, in order to let the visitors have more chances to participate and experience.

  To enhance the content of the volcano cultural district, the Geopark set up the geopark signboard, park signs, leisure square, sculptures of twelve Zodiac, ancient houses, ancient tools and many other appliances to reflect the production life of volcanic regions since ancient times, including stone, wood and volcanic rock art, ancient culture, let the visitors understand the remote volcano culture, to experience living in volcanic areas.

  Transformation of interesting surrounding corridor to become leisure square merging tourist shopping, snacks, folk customs and performances into a whole, with parks entertainment team and local octave band performing customs of the songs, dances, octave and other programs in the leisure Square folk.

  Newly decorated theme parks including Volcano Root Carving Art Park, Cactus Garden, Bottle Coconut Park, highlighting the volcanic ecological landscape, and ecological cultural, let the visitors feel the volcano ecological culture.

  Exhibition of natural volcanic rocks such as Shiweng, toad, tortoise and snake, etc., let visitors feel the charm of volcanic eruption and wonderful rocks by God.

  Newly increased volcano leisure courier station, touring along the beautiful scenery with bicycle, feeling the unique magical experience.

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