Traditional Tourism Items

  Maanling Crater Scenic Spot is a landmark scenery area of Haikou Shishan volcanic Cluster Geopark, constituted by Fenglu Ridge and Baozi Ridge, and named Maan for it is shaped like a saddle, with two parasitic volcanoes at its side, known as the eye ridge. There are four volcanoes in an area to form a volcano family.

  In the scenic area there are volcano sacred way,circular rock corridor, lava flow, grotesque pahoehoe, mysterious crater, volcanic stone and other rich geological attractions. Their integration are in the ancient banyan tree group, group of wild pineapple, tropical fruit trees among the emergent tropical volcanic beauty of the Church

  Welcome to the scenic spot:

  Enjoy mountain-scenery, experience the magic of a dormant volcano; explore crater. Experience mystery of years volcanic; walk around fruit trees, enjoy the tropical scenery, natural oxygen; participate in performing arts, and understand the harmony of folk culture and ecology; casual wine Lin, feelings of pleasure, tasting the delicious goat food.

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