Indonesia guests coming to Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark for inspection and exchange.

  On December 11, 2010, Mr. Achyaruddin, Director of Tourism Product of Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Geologists Mr. Hanany Samodra and so on came to Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark for inspection and learning exchange.

  In recent years, the Geopark's attractions and environment constructions have made rapid development. In July of this year, the Geopark passed the mid-term assessment of UNESCO. The Geopark has made great achievements. Professor Cuomo, expert of UNESCO, and Ministry of Land and Resources introduced Indonesia guests to come to Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark for communication and exchange. Accompanied by the famous geologist Professor Tao Kuiyuan and Chairman Chen Yaojing, Indonesia guests carefully inspected the scenic spots of the Geopark and environment constructions and exchanged. They came here to study how to establish geopark, and stated that they would learn from our experiences in managing the Geopark and when their return to home, they would aplly to establish park.

The guests understanding the construction situation of the Geopark in detail

The guests appreciating the wonderful volcano with fantastic scenery

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