The excellent protection of geological relics on the volcano park praised by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

  On Dec. 11, 2010, after having been gone through strict inspection and evaluation, Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark recently passed the appraisal and obtained the mid-tem approval notice issued by Executive Board of Global Geopark of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization once every four years. The notice set a high appraisal to the outstanding achievements of the park in terms of the protection of the geological relics, education of science knowledge and promoting the tourism industries to drive the development of the local economics. For this reason, journalist specially explored Volcano Park and interviewed Professor Tao Kuiyuan, Volcano Expert and Deputy Director of Committee of Experts in the park. Professor Tao focused on the introduction of experiences and achievements obtained by the park in terms of protection of geological relics.  

  Professor Cuomo, expert of UNESCO, led a delegation to inspect the Haikou Global Geological Park, enquire the protection measures to the park geological heritage, carefully examine the key protected relics, and congratulate the staffs of the park on their work in protection. After inspection, Professor Cuomo received an interview from Haikou Evening News reporter. He said, "I have been to six geological parks in China. I am impressed by Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geological Park in its public education which is best and most interesting in China. There are a lot of experiences in protection, education and tourism development which is worth learning. “Professor Cuomo gladly wrote the inscription" -- Leiqiong Global Geological Park (Haikou Geopark) which has done the best job in public education of the story about the volcano.

  And after this mid-term evaluation mission, the two experts, from Executive Board of UNESCO World Geopark, also reaffirmed volcanic heritage protection and tourism development model, and highlighted the following three aspects of the Geopark: the first one is that the overall protection and management of parks is perfect and systematic; the second one is that the interpretation system is easy to understand with system specification; the third one is that the geological heritage protection combines people's livelihood and culture, which are performed very well and it is worth to be praised.

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