Admission ticket

  1、Admission ticket

  Full fare: 60 yuan per ticket;

  2、Children below 1.2m: free ticket;

  Children at a height of 1.2-1.4m (including 1.4m): preferential half-off fare available, namely 30 yuan per ticket;

  3、Preferential admission fare available for students with their student ID cards: 35 yuan per ticket;

  4、Preferential admission fare available for local residents of Hainan with their ID: 35 Yuan per ticket;

  5、Preferential half-off fare available for the aged with their old age security cards or at an age of 65-69 (depending on their ID cards): 30 yuan per ticket;

  6、Those over 70 years old (depending on their ID cards) can visit the park for free.

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